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Question: Which countries can I buy online from?

Answer: You can buy online from any country in the European Community

Question: Is the price that I find on the shop the same as in the Naturalshoes stores?

Answer: Our products have the same price both in the Naturalshoes stores and in the online shop.

Question: if I have a discount code where can I enter it?

Answer: Once you have chosen and added to the cart all the products you want to buy go to the cart, look for the word "you have a discount code ? " and click it, it will activate a field where you can enter your discount code.

Question: How can I delete a product from the cart?

Answer: select the X next to the product you want to delete, if you encounter any difficulties contact our customer service! (Customer Service )

Question: Can I delete one or more articles from an already completed order?

Answer: If the order has already been sent, it will no longer be possible to modify it, but you can always cancel or modify it before it is sent. Contact our customer service! (Customer Service )

Question: Can I know the status of my order?

Answer: As soon as you have completed the purchase you will receive an initial "order confirmation" email, followed by communications always by email when the package will be prepared and when it will be sent.

Question: Can I stop signing up for the Naturalshoes newsletter?

Answer: Of course, you can click on the "unsubscribe" link at the end of each newsletter.

Question: How can I recover my password to access the Naturalshoes site I forgot?

Answer: you can retrieve it in the "login" section where you will find a clickable text "I forgot my password"

Question: Do I need to register for the Naturalshoes site to make a purchase?

Answer: no, you can also purchase as a guest.

Question: is the price that I find on the shop the same one practiced in Naturalshoes shops?

Answer: Our products have the same price both in the Naturalshoes stores and in the online shop.

Question: I would like to buy a pair of shoes, but what if they do not fit me?

Answer: Naturalshoes offers a completely free replacement service. You can help with your choice using our "size guide" (see the guide to sizes ) ; if the purchased shoes do not meet your needs, you can contact our customer service to arrange their replacement.

Question: How much does the replacement service offered by Naturalshoes cost?

Reply: the return and replacement service offered by Naturalshoes is completely free throughout Europe.

How to choose the best shoe for us, for our feet, in this section of our site you will find some advice to choose your new shoes and especially to choose the shoe that "will make you feel better".

Finding the right shoes is not always a simple task, we often have to adapt our tastes to the comfort and occasion in which we will wear the chosen shoes. The right shoe par excellence in theory does not exist, but learning to combine wellness and beauty to avoid foot problems and to have the right look for every occasion is certainly possible.

Let's see together how to choose the right shoes with useful tips for your feet.

How to choose the right shoes for every occasion

The types of shoes to choose from are undoubtedly many: low, sporty, with medium heel, with wedge. Then there are women's shoes with high heels that love or hate each other, but in some situations they can give that extra touch to our look. So let's see what are the right shoes to wear in different situations.

For your work, Naturalshoes recommends fashionable shoes, but comfortable

Do you have to go to the office? Choose women's shoes that are comfortable but fashionable. Much depends on the environment. To be on the safe side you can bet on a nice pair of black pumps, which match with skirts and trousers, better to choose a heel of about 5 cm, so as to be comfortable and sober.

In the summer you can opt for wedges that allow you to stretch the figure, but at the same time to be comfortable, or choose a wide heel that is not too high.

In winter the choice can only fall on women's boots or on comfortable ankle boots, preferably in mud colors or in dark colors so you can combine them with different types of clothing. Also suitable for wide-heeled boots, ideal for wool clothes and rainy days.

For a walk choose a breathable and adequate shoe

How to choose a pair of shoes suitable for walking? If you have to face a long walk it is certainly better to avoid any type of heel. The correct combination is that of comfortable clothing with a pair of breathable shoes suitable for walking.

The main features of a comfortable shoe are

  • lower tire, the tread, which must be resistant to asphalt;
  • rounded sole with small cuts that will make the shoe flexible;
  • the upper must allow adequate transpiration, then choose an aerated pattern;
  • adequate support for the ankle, unlike normal athletic shoes.

    For an elegant evening shoes sober and refined

    Choosing a woman's shoe for an elegant evening is always a delicate issue; surely an evergreen that can adapt perfectly to the occasion are a nice pair of black decolletè. Very clearly depends on the garment you wear: if the dress is a little black dress you can also choose a shoe with the brightest color to match the clutch while, if the dress is particular better opt for more neutral colors, choosing white or black shoes.

    And the heel? Choose the right heel for you: if you know how to walk on stiletto ties, the choice is ideal for slimming the figure, provided that the evening does not provide to stay for too long standing. If you do not like the high heels, try serenely on a décolleté with a heel of 5 or 7 centimeters.

    For a night at the disco or for a night out choose an eccentric and particular woman's shoe: if you love the shoes decolletè choose in bright colors like gold or metallic colors that are good both with a short dress that with a pair of black jeans, giving the look a touch of originality.

    And for the winter?

    For the winter choose high boots with wedge that will also help you to slim the figure, combined with skinny pants or short dresses. If you do not like the high heels you can opt for a pair of ground ankle boots, choose a model with fringes, studs or special embroidery to give a touch of originality. Match with short dresses and not too showy. This type of ankle boot can also be worn in spring.

    For the summer there are those who can not give up the high heel in the disco, but careful not to overdo it, if you do not want to find yourself full of pain. Always alternate stiletto heels with wide heels and wedges, choosing perhaps particular models that fully satisfy your taste.

    How to choose the right shoes | Useful tips

    After seeing which shoes are suitable for different occasions, let's find out now what are the tips to have healthy feet and avoid posture problems. Do not wear high heels too often, but use them on a few occasions when you will not be standing too long. High heels can cause serious problems with posture and back pain.

    If you are used to wearing high heels often, it is advisable to get used to gradually reducing the height, choosing shoes every day between 3 and 5 centimeters. When buying shoes, remove any soft insoles inside and choose shoes that wrap your foot without forcing it, to avoid problems like hallux valgus. Buy and try the shoes in the afternoon, the best time of day, when the feet are not rested, but not too swollen. Finally if you want to dare with the heels, but you're not sure to resist, put a pair of dancers in the bag for emergencies.

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