Information concerning online dispute resolution
pursuant to Art. 14 Par. 1 of the ODR

To solve the problems of online consumers in a fair and effective way, without going to court

If you have problems with products or services purchased online, you can use the platform made available by the European Commission to file a complaint and find a solution from an independent dispute resolution body.

Consumer protection legislation in the EU ensures that everyone has the right to be treated fairly when they purchase goods and services online or offline.

European legislation ensures consumers:

  • a fair treatment
  • products that meet acceptable standards
  • the right of appeal in case of problems

Before filing a claim with a merchant, it may be helpful to learn more about your rights, so that you know the rights and remedies that apply to your situation.

Many organizations across the EU can provide useful information on consumer rights. If you have a problem with purchasing products or services from a merchant based in another EU country, you can contact your European Consumer Center (ECC) for free.

European consumer centers can

  • provide advice on your consumer rights
  • help you resolve a dispute with a merchant based in another EU country, in Iceland or Norway, without a court
  • advise you to contact another interlocutor if they can not help you

Use the following link to connect to the website of the European Commission for the resolution of online disputes.


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